About US

Medicento is a health tech start-up in pharmaceutical space building up an unified channel for seamless flow of pharmaceutical products using data driven approach. We intend to change the health-care ecosystem by introducing demand (pull based)flow of medicines rather than push based, thus optimizing Inventory, delivery model and minimizing expired products. Our smart AI based inventory management system would segregate products based on the demand of the market thus decreasing stock in period and generating better revenues.

Distributor Services

One Point Sale

Single point of contact for all your pharmaceutical needs

Efficient Delivery System

Delivery at per-determined slots as per your convenience

Easy Payments

We facilitate cash, card and on credit payments

Verified Retailers

Retailers on-board are verified going through stringent checks

Pharmacy Services

Live Ordering System

Get access to real time live inventory of the distributor

Easy Returns

No questions asked returns

Real Time Inventory

No more notebook stuff, track your inventory real-time anywhere

Live Tracking

Know where your delivery is in real-time

Who We Are

We are a bunch of hustlers creating revolutionary market place,
augmented with latest technology which will ensure better experience to end customer.

Advantages & Benefits


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Instant availabilty and wide range of medicines from major company.


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Reduce cancellation or return due to expired or obsolete product delivered.


Minimizing handling cost and optimising storage space with data driven demand.


Sell before products reaches its expiry date.